IST – Temporary Fillings

What is Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST) Fillings?

IST- is a temporary filling that releases fluoride through a glass ionomer material. This therapeutic intervention is used to prevent further damage to a tooth and helps to strengthen/ re-mineralize the affected lesion. This temporary filling will seal out food and debris and help to conserve sound tooth structure. This temporary filling can last up to three years.

When is IST Needed?

  • When access to a permanent restoration is not immediate or practical
  • When the client is homebound or unable to seek the care of a Dentist.
  • There is a reasonable risk of further damage to the tooth structure

Thus, very beneficial for the frail & elderly and those who have limited access to dental care. IST is important for those who have barriers that limit dental services with a Dentist

Temporary restorations may be placed in either primary or permanent teeth as a preventative measure when:

  • The pulp (nerve) is not exposed
  • The client is in discomfort or is experiencing difficulty in eating
  • The discomfort is due to recent trauma, fracture or lost dental restoration
  • The client has not received any medical/dental advice that states placing a temporary restoration should be avoided
  • There are no medical contraindications to the restorative material- allergies
  • We use a glass ionomer called Fuji 9

How long does the procedure take?

On Average it takes around 10 or 15 minutes to prepare and place the temporary filling. This procedure is non-invasive and cost effective. The primary reasons that a dental hygienist would consider the insertion of a temporary restoration are to free the client from pain and to reduce the possibility of further damage to the tooth until the client is able to see a dentist. These fillings are temporary and do require a referral to a dentist for placement of a permanent filling.

What are the advantages of IST?

  • Seals open holes to prevent further tooth damage
  • Conserves sound tooth structure
  • Does not require anesthesia (freezing) or require “drilling”

O.D.S.P & Healthy Smiles: IST Therapy is covered Insurance coverage varies greatly among different companies & plans. The DH code for IST is 00666 Please inquire if this is covered prior to care. A pre-determination of this code can be submitted by Gentle Dental at your request.

$55.00 /  per tooth
$25.00 / when additional teeth in same quadrant (Upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right)