Oral Health Assessment

Our comprehensive oral assessment is completed prior to any dental hygiene service. What is involved? Observation of the soft tissues, gums, tongue, lips, throat, face,…


Teeth Cleaning

What is Scaling? Scaling is the procedure in which bacterial soft and hard deposits “tartar” is removed from the teeth. The objective of scaling and root…


Teeth Whitening

What can I Expect with In Office Whitening? I offer free screenings to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening as everyone…


Mobile Visits

I provide preventive dental care to those who wouldn't normally be able to receive it by going directly into private homes and care facilities. My…


Stain Removal

What is Stain Removal and Polishing? Professional polishing (prophylaxis) is performed to remove stain on the teeth that cannot be removed during the dental cleaning. Selective…


Denture Cleaning

Why do dentures require professional cleaning? Dentures form plaque and tartar build up just like natural teeth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can be…


IST – Temporary Fillings

What is Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST) Fillings? IST- is a temporary filling that releases fluoride through a glass ionomer material. This therapeutic intervention is used to…


Fluoride Varnish

What is Fluoride Varnish? Fluoride varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride in a colophony/resin base which is applied to the teeth by painting it on the…


Pit and Fissure Sealants

What is  a Sealant? A sealant is a thin, flow able BPA free resin that is placed in the deep grooves and pits of the…


Silver Diamine Fluoride

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride? An antimicrobial liquid that can be brushed on cavities to stop tooth decay — painlessly. What does this fluid do…


In My Office or Your Home

Expectations of Oral Care

• Medical & Dental Review
To assess your health status and understand your unique needs to plan for your visit

Following the Dental Hygiene Process of Care
Assessment of your oral health condition. We check the gums, teeth, and perform an oral cancer screening for all of our clients. There will be no surprises, we work together to piece together the best care options. Promotion of total wellness and oral disease prevention is a priority.

• Any Necessary Referrals
Identification of concerns and risks are outlined to maximize health promotion while providing referrals to a healthcare provider of your choice.

Focusing on Each Person’s Needs

At Muskoka Gentle Dental we recognize that each person’s life experiences, challenges, capabilities and resources are unique to that person. You can expect flexible, non- judgmental treatment, & equality for all!

We focus on ethical, quality care that you can expect from a dental professional.

At Muskoka Gentle Dental we provide care for those who want better oral health and don’t know where to start.

Our practice ensures that current scientifically accepted infection prevention and control practices are followed with IPAC guidelines from Public Health and our regulatory body the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. In office spore testing is completed daily to ensure the autoclave is functioning properly. We follow strict protocols for reprocessing instruments, dental unit waterline considerations, equipment maintenance and much more.  At Muskoka Gentle Dental, our policy and procedure manual is a live document and is updated as recommendations change. All protocols exist to ensure safety of the public and healthcare professional.

Cost & Fees

Government Plans



Inquire with your insurer if dental services performed by a dental hygienist practicing independently are accepted for reimbursement. We help you submit the necessary “codes”.

Visa, MasterCard, debit, e-transfer, cash or cheque payment accepted

Government Plans accepted but not limited to:
O.D.S.P. Ontario Disability Support Program
Healthy Smiles
V.A.C. Veterans’ Affairs Canada

My goal is to make dental care accessible for everyone!

Our fees are priced fairly to promote better oral health and to increase access to dental care in Muskoka. Muskoka Gentle Dental fees are approximately 10 years behind current Ontario fee guide.

Oral Health Assessment: $35.00 as stand alone service

Teeth Cleaning
Scaling: $25.00 + /per half unit
1 Unit: 50.00, 2 Units: $99.00, 3 Units: $155.00, 4 Units: $200.00

Teeth Whitening
Wicked White: $130.00 (In Office)
Take Home: $130.00
Refills: $35.00

Mobile Visits
Retirement or Assisted Living Facilities: Complimentary
House Calls: $20.00 / visit

Stain Removal/Polishing: $14.00

Denture Cleaning & Labeling
Denture labeling: $10.00/per denture
Denture cleaning: $23.00/per denture

IST Temporary Filling
$55.00/per tooth
$25.00/when additional teeth in same quadrant

Fluoride Varnish: $20.00

Pit and Fissure Sealants
Sealants $20.00/per tooth 

Silver Diamine Fluoride 

$ 41.00 + based on number of teeth and surfaces