Oral Health Assessment

Our comprehensive oral assessment is completed prior to any dental hygiene service.

What is involved?

Observation of the soft tissues, gums, tongue, lips, throat, face, neck and salivary glands. Oral cancer screening is performed at each visit.

What is a periodontal assessment?

Measuring the level of health of your gums & supportive bone around your teeth, to formulate our dental hygiene diagnosis. Do you have gingivitis or periodontal disease?
At Muskoka Gentle Dental we explain oral health findings in terms that you can understand and we involve you in all treatment decisions. By setting realistic goals together, we will improve your oral health.

Identification of concerns and risks are outlined to maximize health promotion.

Areas of concern are addressed regarding teeth, suspect decay, jaw/chewing concerns, lost, broken fillings, active infection, etc. We will work collaboratively with other health care professionals and provide referrals when necessary.

We focus on ethical, quality and safe treatment that you can expect from a dental professional