Mobile Visits

I provide preventive dental care to those who wouldn’t normally be able to receive it by going directly into private homes and care facilities. My goal is to help you achieve your optimum oral health for a better quality of life. Providing an alternative for hygiene care outside the traditional dental setting, benefiting those with busy schedules, limited mobility, and the uninsured.

Nursing Homes

Residents in long term care often have complex health needs and may have difficulty brushing their teeth or dentures on their own or resist/refuse care. I am sensitive to each person’s needs and circumstances. I provide care to someone in their bed, wheel chair or in my portable dental chair. Poor oral health and/or pain from dental conditions can impact older people’s ability to chew and swallow, compromising optimal nutrient intake and hydration, increasing the risk of choking and/or falls, impacting mood and behaviour, and causing weight loss, tissue breakdown, and lesions that can lead to responsive behaviours. I support staff in helping to set realistic goals for improving day to day oral care practices. I provide the skills necessary to help overcome the barriers and challenges providing care for those who resist dental care.


Enhancing care for individuals with complex physical, cognitive/mental health needs and behavioural changes
Promotion of interdisciplinary care and opportunity for shared collaboration and best practices to enhance oral /overall health

Retirement or Assisted Living facility visits are complimentary

House Calls

Busy families with children enjoy the convenience of professional preventive dental care in their home, on their schedule. Equipment is fully portable & easy to set-up. Adheres to CDC regulations for infection control standards. 

Enjoy the convenience of professional preventive dental care in the comfort of your own home

Private in home travel consideration fee of $20.00