How Xylitol 100% Natural Sweetener Be Beneficial For Your Teeth?

How Xylitol 100% Natural Sweetener Be Beneficial For Your Teeth?


Xylitol is a natural Sweetener from Birch Trees, or vegetable sources. Over twenty years research indicates Xylitol can effectively help with a dry mouth and reduces tooth decay. Xylitol has a low impact on blood sugar, therefore individuals living with Diabetes can appreciate the positive benefit of its low glycemic index.

Xylitol helps to stimulate & make our own saliva. Salvia is very important for strengthening our enamel and protecting our teeth & tissues the natural way. Products that contain Xylitol is an effective way for our bodies to produce saliva. There are other products available for a Dry Mouth, however without the benefits of Xylitol, the only purpose served is as a lubricant.  Several applications are often needed.

Xylitol can help with bad breath, related to sulfur compounds by hydrating your mouth. There are many different products that contain Xylitol. Literature states that 6-12 grams daily is an ideal dose if consuming gum or mints. Toothpaste and mouth washes found at a natural food store are beneficial for the teeth and gums. Xylitol also comes in powder form and can be used in baking as a sugar substitute.

Xylitol Reduces Tooth Decay

The bacteria that are responsible for cavities cannot metabolize Xylitol. This helps to reduce the constant acid attack on the teeth. Unlike many other sweeteners and man-made sugars that produce acid and is an invitation for bacteria to accumulate on our teeth, which over time will form a cavity.

Salvia is very important for our oral and digestive health.

A dry mouth can contribute to:

  • Bad Breath
  • Yeast Infection of the mouth
  • Several Cavities
  • Gum Disease
  • Denture Problems
  • Mucositis


Extreme Caution for Dogs! Xylitol is very harmful to Dogs and can be potentially fatal if consumed by your pet. Please check Peanut Butter ingredient list as could be found in some sources & check with your local veterinarian if you have any concerns.