Silver Diamine Fluoride will stop tooth decay — painlessly!

For years, it has been a challenge for many to fix cavities by visiting a Dentist!

I’m thrilled to introduce a new service that helps individuals in our community overcome a major obstacle and ultimately solves a dilemma that has worried me for years! Stopping cavities from growing when my clients cannot seek care with a Dentist. Leaving cavities to grow can cause more complicated issues and result in pain or broken teeth. Now there’s an alternative to having a tooth drilled and repaired!

An antimicrobial liquid that can be brushed on cavities to stop tooth decay — painlessly.

The liquid is called silver diamine fluoride, or S.D.F.   (Cavity: decay, caries, cavitations, cariogenic)

With silver diamine fluoride (SDF), it is now possible to reverse and arrest the cariogenic process, even if cavitations are present!!!

This non-invasive treatment may be ideal for the indigent, nursing home residents and others who have trouble seeking traditional dental care. Perhaps you’re that anxious dental client who dodges the drill?

Who would benefit from SDF treatment?


The fearful child, individuals living with a cognitive or physical impairment, dental phobia & those with financial or accessibility constraints that prevents them from seeking traditional dental treatment. Some individuals can only receive restorative care with general anesthesia or sedation and others are not good candidates for general anesthesia due to frailty or other medical complexity. SDF Treatment is easy to apply and does not require freezing or drilling. Interim Stabilization Therapy can also be combined with SDF treatment for optimal outcomes.


Silver diamine fluoride has another advantage over traditional treatment: It kills the bacteria that cause decay.

A second treatment of SDF applied up to six months after the first markedly arrests cavities, studies have shown.

The main downside is aesthetic: Silver diamine fluoride blackens the brownish decay on a tooth.  That may not matter on a back molar or a baby tooth, or for those who have difficulty travelling to seek care at a dental office. SDF does not stain healthy or sound enamel.

Clients cannot use this material if they have an allergy to silver or other heavy-metal ions.

“S.D.F. reduces the incidence of new caries and progression of current caries by about 80 percent,” said Dr. Niederman, who is updating an evidence review of silver diamine fluoride published in 2009.


   Alternative to restorative treatment
• Avoid general anesthesia or oral sedation
• Behavioral or medical management
• Difficult access to dental care
• Difficult to treat dental carious lesions
• High risk caries

$41.00 based on time:Price will reflect individualized unique needs/outcomes